Shalom Float Therapy in Relaxopod- 90 Mins Session

Shalom Float Therapy in Relaxopod


The benefits of floatation therapy on the body include:

  1. Relieve back and neck pain-The zero gravity environment that is experienced while floating, relieves built up pressures and tension on the back and neck. As they are no longer fighting the pull of gravity.
  2. Relieve Joint pain – Floating in a pool of water this dense will completely support your body, allowing increased blood flow to your joints and soft tissues.
  3. Regeneration of muscle tissues-While floating in a deeply relaxed state, blood circulation improves, advancing the growth and regeneration of muscle tissue.
  4. Accelerate muscle recovery -As the pressure of gravity is relieved from your muscles, built up tension decreases, helping every muscle in your body relax like never before.
  5.  Lower blood pressure-Complete isolation of all senses while inside the pool, lowers the sensory input of sight, sound, and touch, calming the nervous system, which in turn lowers overall blood pressure levels


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