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Dry salt therapy, or halotherapy, is a holistic, drug free, natural therapy using micro particles of salt to promote better breathing, healthier skin, sounder sleep, improved physical fitness and endurance and overall wellness. Dry salt therapy also helps to alleviate symptoms of many respiratory and skin conditions.

In today’s fast lifestyle, health issues are the biggest burden people all over the world are facing. They tend to neglect the ideal nutrition and diet, precautionary measures taken against pollution, adverse effects of smoking, sleeping patterns, unfavourable stress and anxiety. Halotherapy is the best remedy for all of these major problems since it revitalizes the lungs and skin.

Salt not only stipulates the taste of food but also serves many more purposes in one’s day-to-day routine due to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties. According to Health experts, the dry salt therapy aka Halotherapy cleans up respiratory tracts and reaches the deepest areas of lungs and helps ease clogging. The negative electric charge carried by Salt aerosol stimulates the respiratory system and help with stress, trauma and sleep patterns.

Halotherapy is a natural therapy that makes use of salt to fight against various disorders. Salt has been an essential, virtually omnipresent, part of medicine for thousands of years. It has been used as a remedy, a support treatment, and a preventive measure. In the world of stringent medications, side effects, allergies, drugless remedies like Halotherapy holds utmost value to one’s wellness and wellbeing.

Based on the various researches, halotherapy has been widely accepted as a natural and safe treatment to people with respiratory and skin ailments. Halotherapy clinics have opened in Europe, Australia, UK and the US where thousands benefit from this drugless and relaxing therapy. In India, Salt therapy is in its nascent stage and wellness centres such as ours are being set up to bring this popular treatment to the people.

Salt Therapy is a safe, natural and drugless therapy to relieve symptoms of respiratory and skin conditions, a holistic treatment which takes place under simulated conditions of a natural salt cave. Dry microscopic salt particles when inhaled during Halotherapy access the deepest area of the respiratory tract to cleanse lungs of pathogens, smoke residues and pollutants. The therapy also enhances child’s immunity by reducing the IgE levels, improves endurance naturally, and avoids frequent sick days. The granular salt particles when inhaled kills the microorganisms in the lungs and helps reduce mucus and inflammation. Salt used for Halotherapy sessions is said to have healing properties nursing the diverse skin conditions including Eczema and Psoriasis offering medicinal benefits to the skin.

On the other hand, it also relieves stress, depression and fatigue with the soothing and anti-histamine properties of salt. With the numerous healing stories of people suffering from Asthma, Bronchitis, Bronchiectasis, Allergies, Hay fever/Allergic Rhinitis, COPD, Sinusitis, Cystic Fibrosis, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Cough, Throat infection, Pharyngitis, Tonsillitis, Smokers cough, Snoring, Frequent Cold/Flu, Dermatitis, Acne, Psoriasis and Eczema, Halotherapy helps people in better breathing, healthier skin, sounder sleep, improved physical fitness and endurance and overall wellness. Athletes and Singers to improve their stamina, endurance, lung capacity for better performance are also using Salt Therapy.

Shalom Float and wellness centre located in Pune offers this halotherapy in a Relaxo salt cabin which is natural and drugless therapy to relieve symptoms of respiratory and skin conditions. Aiming at improving the overall health of an individual in a drugless environment.

The sessions of Salt therapy take place in the halotherapy cabin that simulates a natural salt cave environment.Relaxo Halotherapy cabin uses the state of art technology to provide maximum comfort to their customers. In order to set up a dynamic and controlled room, dry salt aerosol particles of size less than 5 microns are dispersed into an enclosed room using the Halogenerator during the therapy session. It provides a complete sterile environment for healing as well as to reproduce the microclimate specific to maintain a sterile salt cabin. The treatment duration is for about an hour with the relaxed environment where one can read, enjoy the music, relax and breathe easy while receiving the benefits of salt therapy.