FIR Sauna Therapy

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Heat therapy is most commonly used for rehabilitation purposes because heat acts to improve flow and release blockages much like acupuncture and pressure point therapy. Heating the feet has the overall tendency to open up circulation in your whole body and boost your immune function while increasing toxin removal.

The therapeutic effects of heat include:

  • increasing the extensibility of collagen tissues
  • decreasing joint stiffness
  • reducing pain
  • relieving muscle spasms
  • reducing inflammation
  • edema (fluid retention)
  • aids in the post acute phase of healing

Recent studies indicate that vasodilation, the expansion of the blood capillaries (vessels) to allow more blood flow, is improved with dry heat therapy. Expansion of the blood capillaries increased blood flow to the affected area, which then carries oxygen and much needed nutrients to injured cells in the body, while also flushing away toxins and waste at the same time. The improved blood circulation and detoxification process will accelerate the body’s own ability to heal itself.

We use far infrared foot sauna to provide deep heat for maximum healing of your foot and leg.

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