Float therapy session Gift Voucher 1 Session (1 Person) – 60 mins


Our 2500 gift card includes a 60 mins Float therapy session.
Shalom offer – 15% discount – Use Coupon Code  : Shalom15



Treat yourself or in fact any other stressed out person in your life to a gift voucher for a ‘Float therapy Experience’ It’s the gift that keeps giving as you will get a refreshed and reinvigorated friend or loved one back in your life too!


1. Prior appointments at least 24 hours in advance are a must.
2. Rescheduling of appointments to be done at least 12 hrs in advance.
3. Advance online payments in will be given priority for appointments scheduling.
4. All essentials other than swimming trunks/costumes will be provided by us.The same if provided by us, extra charges are applicable.
5. FAQ’s will be sent once appointments are confirmed and can be mailed to book@shalomfloatspa.com
6. Therapy can be denied if any condition or criteria  is not met and appointment will have to be rescheduled.
7. Refund , return or cancellation policies are applicable.


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